Stop Reading About Success and Start Building It

Joe Orozco
2 min readJun 23, 2020

Several months ago I decided to relaunch my website. I spent entirely too much time reading about how I could make this time more successful.

  • Should I brand my blog under my name or under a concept?
  • Should I flip from Drupal to WordPress?
  • Where can I find good stock photos?
  • How frequently should I blog?
  • And on and on…

And you know what? Several months later I still have nothing to show for all that knowledge.

It’s not that those questions aren’t worth exploring. But, there is such a thing as planning your way into nothing. I found this piece of advice rather poignant:

“Taking action is to do something which is both important and urgent. Motion is usually doing something which is not important, and probably not all that urgent either. By choosing movement, we waste time, both ours and that of others. By choosing action, we invest our time in the desired outcome of our action.”

Relaunching my site is not the only area where I have spun my wheels. I recently decided to be more proactive about my money. I spent hours researching robo-advisors, exchange traded funds, high yield money market accounts, and the time I spent researching could have been time spent investing. I cringe to think of other passive examples where I could have been productive.

So I’m pushing forward. I know I want my advice to resonate with young adults between the ages of 18 and 24. I know I want to tell this target population everything I have learned about money, college, careers, and relationships. I eventually want to expand this site to include relevant services, and if I can position all of this to draw attention to the books I will publish, so much the better.

I wish I fully understood how I will make it all come together. For now though, I am okay with not knowing. It is enough to know I have gotten started.

What projects are you sitting on? What’s keeping you moving instead of acting? What can I do to help you take your first step? Leave a comment, and consider signing up for the newsletter!

Joe is a freelance copywriter and aspiring author of young adult horror. He loves reading almost as much as he loves writing. His favorite subjects tend to be those that help people become more self-sufficient. View all posts by Joe

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